El Morro

In contrast to the close-up landscapes of the East, the southwestern United States offers my artistic eye broad views of fantastic rock formations and sparse brown landscapes. I love the area, and have volunteered at parks in both New Mexico and Colorado to feel the power of those wide-open spaces, as wel as the history of its settlement.

But when I think of painting, I am overwhelmed by the landscape. I think it is a good thing to be there for several months, because I need that time to figure out what to focus on. In addition to the wonderful views from the mesa, El Morro is full of history. There is a water hole pool where people back into pre-history have stopped to quench their thirst, as well as a mesa that has two ancient pueblo ruins, ca. 1100.

The challenge: my watercolors somehow had to portray the special nature of the place. This gallery shows my initial attempts. But I am going back!

The waterhole pool at the base of the cliffs at El Morro National Monument

The excavated Atsinna pueblo on top of the mesa at El Morro National Monument

The cliffs of El Morro at sunrise by JoAnn Pippin

The "woodpecker rock" overlooking the valley at El Morro National Monument near Grants, NM

A starry night above the cliffs at El Morrow National Monument in New Mexico