Sunapee Boathouses

This gallery of paintings of the boathouses on Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire, features the charm and beauty of a more relaxed era. I tried to capture this charm in watercolor for all to enjoy. While the paintings are a snapshot in time (2005-06), most of the boathouses are closer to a half-century old, and reflect grace and functionality that is timeless.

All of the original boathouse paintings shown here have been sold, but fine art reproductions may be ordered by clicking as indicated below the painting image. Also card prints and a poster may be ordered from the "Specialty Shop" page.

Boathouse with a leaning shutter on Lake Sunapee, NH

Small boathouse on Lake Sunapee,NH, with fall foliage

Old boathouse with a sagging roof on Lake Sunapee, NH

Two neighborly boathouses near the Newbury end of Lake Sunapee, NH

Boathouse and a sweeping view of Lake Sunapee, NH

Shadowed boathouse on Lake Sunapee, NH

A shingled boathouse with a turquoise door on Lake Sunapee, NH

A red gambrel-roofed boathouse on Lake Sunapee, NH

Boathouse on Lake Sunapee, NH, with an American flag banner

Green house and boathouse on Lake Sunapee, NH